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Anschutz Toolkit

Anschutz Toolkit

Price: 22.00

Quality set of hex keys made by WIHA, Germany for Anschutz
Includes 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm & 4mm
Quality hex keys will not burr your screw heads like cheaper versions can
Also includes quality Anschutz screwdriver
Supplied loose in Ziplock bag

Gehmann Rim Thickness Gauge 138

For measuring the rim thickness of .22LR cartridges
Batch your ammo according to rim thickness
Ammo batched in this way will shoot more accurately as the rim thickness affects headspace in your rifle
Overlooked by even top shooters but as essential as the torque on your bedding screws!
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Gehmann Cylinder Pump M100

New generation patented high-pressure pump with manometer
4-stage, 200 bar pump
Revised and improved with a new 4-stage valve and compression system
Built of robust and corrosion free materials
Commence pumping with the 4-stage technique to about 150 bar then change to 3-stage and carry on until your cylinder is up to pressure
Switching stages is located between handles
4-stage operation provides 280cc per stroke
3-stage operation provides 210cc per stroke
Comes with pressure gauge, standard 200 bar 5-thread DIN connector and condensation bleed valve
Blue / Black
Air cartridge and weapon specific adaptor are not included

Gehmann Cylinder Pump M220

Now with new special moisture filter at base
Even easier child friendly priming system
Detachable and reversable footplate
Pressure gauge can be easily viewed in use
With condensation bleed valve
DIN standard 200 bar 5-thread connector
210cc volume of air per stroke
Blue / Black
Air cartridge and weapon specific adaptor are not included

Seal kit for M220 Pump (M994)

Complete set of replacement seals

ahg Anschutz ISSF Button Overlap Gauge

Gauge for testing the correct button overlap, as per ISSF-Rule

Anschutz Cylinder Filling Adaptor

Complete with air filter and air release screw for refill bottle
Suitable for all Anschutz air rifles

Anschutz Air Cylinder Release Device

Anschutz cylinder air release key
A must for travelling with cylinders

Anschutz Cylinder Attachment Tool

Tool for tightening your Anschutz air cylinder

Morini Filling Adaptor 200bar CM-110

Factory adaptor for filling your Morini pistol
Also used to release the pressure if needed
Standard DIN thread

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Gehmann Toolkit 866-N

15 piece
Magnetic bit holder
Carry case to keep all the bits together
All sizes suitable for all rifles
A must for every shooting bag

ahg Anschutz Uni-Tool

4 way tool to fit most bolts on your rifle
4 hex keys, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm
Alloy construction
Great to have in a pocket
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Centra Rear Iris Spanner (New Type)

New type spanner for the Centra irises from around 2012 onwards
Older irises can use the Gehmann front iris spanner in 22mm

Gehmann Rear Iris Spanner 5005

For Gehmann rear irises
You will lose yours eventually!

Gehmann Rear Iris Locknut 5007

Replacement part for the one you lost
For Gehmann rear irises but will fit Anschutz and Centra too

Gehmann Front Iris Spanner 5006

Gehmann Front Iris Spanner 5006

Price: 9.00

Please select size:

Fits Gehmann front irises
May fit other irises too

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Gehmann Front Iris Locknut 5009

Gehmann Front Iris Locknut 5009

Price: 9.00

Please select size:

For Gehmann front iris
Will fit Anschutz and Centra as well