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TEC-HRO Stativ Carbon 3.0
TEC-HRO Stativ Carbon 3.0  - view 1TEC-HRO Stativ Carbon 3.0  - view 2TEC-HRO Stativ Carbon 3.0  - view 3
TEC-HRO Stativ Carbon 3.0  - view 4  

TEC-HRO Stativ Carbon 3.0

Price: 180.00


Even lighter, even more user-friendly in brilliant colors !!

Novel, lightweight fiberglass / carbon tubes in brilliant colors
Weight-reduced, new design of the feet
Quick release lever for rifle and ammo storage
Ammunition tray is swiveling and has a special lowering for round pellet tins
New angle (100 ° instead of 90 °) of the long feet to each other for increased stability

Weight was reduced to 1.25 kg, despite 5cm more extension height (max height = 170cm)

The ammunition holder mounts quickly via the new Tube Clip
You can buy additional Tube Clips for the fast movement of the ammunition holder to the lower/upper tube
Just release the quick-release lever, and insert the holder to the additional Tube Clip and lock it in place

Rifle and ammunition tray as well as foot center part are made of lightweight, CNC-milled POM-material
Folded up takes up very little space (length 66cm x diameter only 9cm) in included tripod bag
Very fast and easy without tools to assemble and disassemble
The selected foot geometry allows the tripod to be placed directly against the parapet at the shooting range without "giving away" space.
The rifle tray is placed on the side of the tube - requiring less movement to drop the rifle
Holes in the ammunition tray are used to insert tools such as Allen key etc

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TEC-HRO Tube Clip

TEC-HRO Tube Clip

Price: 12.00

Additional Tube Clip for the TEC-HRO Stativ 3.0
Allows for the fast repositioning of the ammunition holder when switching between positions

MEC Stativ

MEC Stativ

Price: 180.00

Please select colour:

Aluminium 3P stand with some great features
Each of the three legs individually adjustable - great for getting up close to a desk/table
Very, very stable
Complete with very secure aluminium grip plate on top
Ammo holder adjustable for height, angle, width and distance towards shooter
'Butler' accessory available for even greater ammo tray adjustment

MEC Butler

MEC Butler

Price: 25.00

Accessory for MEC Stand
Allows greater adjustment for the ammo tray

TEC-HRO Ammo Holder
TEC-HRO Ammo Holder - view 1TEC-HRO Ammo Holder - view 2

Ammo holder, to fit any 3P stand
Holds smallbore or air ammo
Easily rotated and adjusted

ahg Anschutz Twin Two-In-One Stand

This solid ahg-universal tripod can be used as a rifle or ammunition rest when in standing or kneeling position, as well as a tripod for a spotting scope for target observation in all 3 positions
All required accessories are supplied: alu rifle rest plate, telescopic bar, ammunition rest, ball bearing for observation scope, prone adaptor screw and leg.
Maximum height 170 cm
Can be dismantled simply and stored in the supplied bag
Total weight: 1850 g incl. ball bearing
Complete with ahg - prone adaptor screw
This special adaptor is screwed onto the standing leg. Now a ball bearing can be mounted to it
The complete stand for all positions
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Gehmann Packaway Stand 295
Gehmann Packaway Stand 295 - view 1Gehmann Packaway Stand 295 - view 2

New screw-threaded sectional support tubes
Easily assembled and disassembled
For resting rifle and cartridge box when shooting 3-P
Rock-solid tripod base ensures stability and the rifle's safety
Easily transported when disassembled due to its compact size
Supplied in compartmentalised zip-up carry bag
Height adjustable from: 43 - 154cms
Folded length: 40cms
Weight: 1900grms

Gehmann Rifle Stand 273

For resting the rifle between shots
Cartridge box may be positioned to suit individual needs
Telescopic tubes means stand can be easily packed away for ease of transport
Solid tripod base with upgraded clamps and locking bar at the base
Height adjustable from: 58 - 167cms
Folded length: 55cms
Weight: 1950grms