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Starik Carbon Tuner Tube
Starik Carbon Tuner Tube - view 1Starik Carbon Tuner Tube - view 2Starik Carbon Tuner Tube - view 3

Starik Carbon Tuner Tube

Price: 245.00

Select length required

Tuner Colour

Note: These tubes will be special order with a lead time of approx 4-6 weeks, but they are worth the wait!

These tubes have been improved again - the dovetail is now longer, and epoxy bonded to the tube, rather than cut into the carbon - this means you'll need a 4mm block for the rear sight

The tube including the tuner weights about 170g, most of the weight is behind the muzzle
3P shooters have no problem dealing with the weight in front of the muzzle
The tube has a tuner in order to tune the rifle to avoid vertical groups.
The clamp on the barrel is very short (25mm) in order to have the choke the tube has on the barrel, right at the muzzle - this improves accuracy
There are 3 length of tubes: 19, 32 and 36cm (the 36cm tube is recommended only for short barrels)

To order please email us with:
The exact barrel diameter, accurate to 1/10mm (e.g. 25.8mm)
The dovetails required (e.g. Anschutz)
The barrel length - in order to measure barrel length, put an empty case in the chamber, close the bolt.
Insert a cleaning rod from the muzzle until it stops. Mark the rod at the muzzle, take the rod out and measure it.
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Grunig & Elmiger Hammershark
Grunig & Elmiger Hammershark - view 1Grunig & Elmiger Hammershark - view 2

Grunig & Elmiger Hammershark

Price: 200.00

Please select colour:

Simple, well made extension bar for Anschutz 19 & 20 series rifles
Will provide up to 15 cm of sight radius extension
Easy to fit, just slides on your existing dovetails

Anschutz Precise Tube

Anschutz Precise Tube

Price: 200.00

Please select your rifle:

Extension tube for the Anschutz rifles
Gives a sight extension of 100mm
To fit barrels 25.7mm diameter (all 1913 and 2013/690) and 1907/2007
When using a Precise barrel extension, the sight line increases by 4 mm

Note: we have 1x silver tube for 1907 remaining, all others are black
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MEC Strike

MEC Strike

Price: 200.00

Dovetails required:

Two-part aluminium tube for smallbore rifles, easy fixing and exact relocating
Also supplied with a blank piece to allow shooting without the extension tube fitted
Weight approx. 250g
Individually finished to match the dimensions of your barrel
Extension 250mm

When you click ADD TO CART you will be asked the barrel diameter
This needs to be accurate to 0.01mm

Easy to clean and secure to mount by means of precision connection
Adjustable mounting position for optimal balance
Lead time 4 weeks approx

ahg Anschutz Tenminator
ahg Anschutz Tenminator  - view 1ahg Anschutz Tenminator  - view 2ahg Anschutz Tenminator  - view 3
ahg Anschutz Tenminator  - view 4  

Extends sight base by 250mm
More precise aiming
Improved sight picture
Extra weight reduces muzzle flip
Adjustable to diameter of individual rifle
Use on barrels of 22mm > 26mm
Safe attachment to barrel
Easily removed for cleaning and transport
You will need to raise your rearsight by 8mm