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Price: 52.00

Gauge Required

Pellet Measurement Gauge
This handy gauge allows to you accurately sort your pellets by size
Accuracy will be improved if you shoot pellets which are exactly the same size
Allows much finer measuring than the factory can determine
Pellets can be sized to 0.01mm (one hundredth of a mm!)
Manufactured using a state of the art laser cutting special alloy sheet steel - tolerance is +/- 0.0025mm

Have a look at the PelletGage website for full info
Click here to go to the PelletGage website

The .177 gauge measures from 4.46mm to 4.55mm
The .22 gauge measures from 5.48 to 5.57mm

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Price: 50.00

Gage required:

A new development for the already popular Pelletgage
Note the 'R' at the end of the name - this gauge works faster!!

PelletgageR is designed to efficiently sort pellets by head diameter
Choosing two gages will allow you to eliminate any pellet over the larger size, and under the smaller size.
For instance, if you want 4.52 mm pellets, choose a 4.53 and a 4.51 PelletgageR.

***Be sure to order TWO as you'll need two for this system to work***

You will first put a batch (up to 48) pellets in the 4.53 gage, and shake them around to get them to enter the apertures.
Use a finger to get them to drop into the plastic guide plate vertically.
If the pellet head does NOT drop into the gage plate, then it is >4.53 mm in diameter.
Remove those pellets, and take those that drop through to the 4.51 PelletgageR.
Repeat the process with the second gage. Any pellets that DO drop into the aperture are <4.51 mm

So you now have yielded pellets near your ideal size.
Most .177 pellets are sold as nominal 4.52 mm head size.
This is a fast and accurate method of getting more precise pellets for serious use in competition or hunting.
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Speedy Pellet Inspector
Speedy Pellet Inspector - view 1Speedy Pellet Inspector - view 2Speedy Pellet Inspector - view 3

Speedy Pellet Inspector

Price: 37.00

Please select calibre

The Speedy Pellet Inspector was developed to facilitate the inspection of pellets before shooting
It is necessary before shooting a Field Target match so that you are insured that you have quality pellets to send down range
You can inspect the skirts and heads of pellets quicker than looking at them one at a time
The design of the Speedy Pellet Inspector allows you to look at multiple pellets at one time from several different directions and inspect both the head and skirts
The Inspector is made from optically clear acrylic on a precision laser CNC cutter
It is proudly made and assembled in the USA
Approximately 4.5"x4.5"

Snappy Targets Grouping Gauge

Takes away the guesswork when measuring group sizes
Can be used with small bore or air rifles and pistols

Screen printed onto durable 3mm Transparent Acrylic
Anti-Abrasion coating
Measures 80mm x 150mm
Group Gauges are in both MM and INCH units
Also measures pellet / bullet drop and pellet sizes.
Complete with a detachable lanyard

Please note: This item ships with a protective backing sheet that should be removed prior to use
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Gehmann Scoring Gauge - Illuminated 141
Gehmann Scoring Gauge - Illuminated 141 - view 1Gehmann Scoring Gauge - Illuminated 141 - view 2

Handy sized magnifier with bright LED illumination
5x magnification
72mm field of view with crystal clear imaging
Solid aluminium housing
New, clearly arranged laser engraved reticle out of acrylic glass
Extremely accurate and a long service life
For scoring of all current calibers - .177, .22, .32, .38, .44, .45

ISSF Scoring Gauge

ISSF Scoring Gauge

Price: 25.00

Please select gauge:

Official ISSF scoring gauge
Photo shown is the .22 gauge
To score ISSF 10m air rifle / air pistol targets, and .22 ISSF targets

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Eagle Eye Non Plugging Scoring Gauge

One gauge for .22 and .177
Magnified scoring
Extremely accurate
No plugging of the shot hole
You can now score your own postal / competition cards legally
ISSF sizing
Easy to use
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MEC Spindle - Double Shot Hole Gauge

New gauge for the detection of double shots on paper targets
Coloured scale
A single shot hole can be quickly compared to a suspected double shot hole to check the size difference
NOTE: Photo shows two gauges, only the .22 is supplied

Gehmann 750-500K Air Pistol Trigger Gauge

Air pistol trigger weight gauge
500g fitted weight
Short rod for pistols

ahg Anschutz Sprung Plug Scoring Gauge

ahg Anschutz Sprung Plug Scoring Gauge

Price: 13.00

Please select gauge:

Spring handle to comply with rules
Stepped to ISSF standard
Top quality gauge
Photo shows .22 gauge

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