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Rear Irises

Gehmann Mini 502
Gehmann Mini 502 - view 1Gehmann Mini 502 - view 2

Gehmann Mini 502

Price: 105.00

A lot smaller than the traditional irises to better observe windflags in combination with slim diopters
Adjustable over a range of 0.8 - 2.4mm
For all well-known target rifles (M9,5x1 thread): FWB, Steyr, Walther, Hämmerli, Grünig + Elmiger, Anschutz etz
The fixed-seat iris works with individually pin-located tempered spring steel leaves
The aim-point is precisely maintained through the wider range of adjustment by the introduction of a new system of aperture control, which is operated by varying the pressure of a steel tube against the central aiming ring - this guarantees a perfect circle at any point within the scale
Light reflection is kept to a minimum by external and internal matt finishes
Laser engraved indications