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Gehmann Cylindrical Lens System 579
Gehmann Cylindrical Lens System 579 - view 1Gehmann Cylindrical Lens System 579 - view 2

Gehmann Cylindrical Lens System 579

Price: 115.00

Adaptor required:

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A new system to correct astigmatism.
Up to now shooters could only use shooting frames in order to solve this problem.
Our cylindrical lens system is able to compensate astigmatism and to balance size and optical axis of the eye.
In combination with our magnifying diopter (-4.5dpt to 4.5dpt, 503-09, not included) for spherical disorders our product is now able to replace a shooting frame completely.

The standard version allows correction of the sphere from 0-2 deg, with finer adjustment
The 579-4 version allows correction from 0-4 deg, with coarser adjustment

This system attaches to the following Gehmann irises using the correct adaptor. To attach to irises of other brands please use 597-3 & 577

579-1 - Use to attach to Gehmann irises 566, 567, 570, 570PH
579-2 - Use to attach to 550, 551, 551PH, 568, 565, 575, 512MC, 546MC, 568MC, 569, 563
579-3 - Use to attach to 510, 501MC, 564, 500, 530, 530 PH (510 also requires 577 unless using diopter unit 50309)

Comprehensive English instructions available on Gehmann website
Not legal for ISSF competitions, as the system contains lenses.
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