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Anschutz Spare Parts

If you need to order spares / parts for your Anschutz match rifle, please get in touch via email

We need the following information, which you can get from the Download section on the Anschutz website

Be sure to correctly identify your rifle, as there can be small variations

1) Part number, preferably a 6 digit code (such as 002587)
2) On older rifles, the part number may be in a different format (such as 4809/a1) in which case we need a copy of the Anschutz PDF you've taken the number from

We can then quote a price, and order your parts.

Lead time varies, but usually 2-3 weeks.

Esprit Carabine Buttplate Ratchet

Esprit Carabine Buttplate Ratchet

Price: 230.00

Length required

Spare buttplate ratchet/carrier for the EC stocks

Esprit Carabine Cheekpiece

Spare cheekpiece for the EC stock

Esprit Carabine Barrel Clamps

Esprit Carabine Barrel Clamps

Clamps required

Barrel clamps that can be fitted to the EC stock
Available with single clamp or double

Esprit Carabine Universal Key

Tool for the easier tightening and tensioning of the EC barrel clamps

Esprit Carabine Action Adaptor Plate

Esprit Carabine Action Adaptor Plate


Adaptor plate for the EC stock

MEC 4D Grip

MEC 4D Grip

Price: 235.00


Innovative 3D print made of organic material
Ergonomic shape, minimum volume
Textured surface for best contact
Can be individually formed when heated
Fits MEC and new Walther stocks
Other stocks compatible via Mounting Kit

Related products:

1. MEC 4D Grip Mounting Kit

MEC 4D Grip Mounting Kit

MEC 4D Grip Mounting Kit

Price: 92.50

Select stock

Allows the 4D grip to be mounted to other stocks

Anschutz Square to Round Adaptor 4980

Adaptor to allow round Anschutz actions to be used in stocks made for the square 20 series

Grunig & Elmiger K1 Grip

Grunig & Elmiger K1 Grip

Price: 500.00

Please select size:
Right handed or left handed?

New G&E grip from the K1 one stock, can be retro-fitted to the RS/XRS/Hybrid stocks
Mind boggling adjustment
Magnetic spacers adjust the height
A ball joint ensures precise positioning
Can be moved in every direction
Settings remain even when removed from the stock

Grunig & Elmiger Spare Grip

Grunig & Elmiger Spare Grip

Price: 200.00

Right handed or left handed?
Please select size:

Spare grip for the Grunig & Elmiger stocks (RS/XRS/Hybrid)
Note, this is now black thermo plastic, not laminated wood as shown.

Grunig & Elmiger Action Adaptor

Grunig & Elmiger Action Adaptor

Price: 200.00

Please select action:

Adaptor to fit the RSIII series stock
Note: Photo shows the square action adaptor only

Grunig & Elmiger CS/1913 Adaptor

Special adaptor to allow an Anschutz 18xx series or 19xx series round action to the CS stock
Does not fit any other stocks.

Grunig & Elmiger Carbon Bedding Plate

Bedding plate carbon fibre with 9 action
screws for RS, XRS and K1 stocks
(Pictured with standard bedding plate, not included)

Anschutz Fast Clamp
Anschutz Fast Clamp  - view 1Anschutz Fast Clamp  - view 2Anschutz Fast Clamp  - view 3

Anschutz Fast Clamp

Price: 26.00

Clamp required

Fast clamp / quick release screws

Cheekpiece clamp replaces the cheekpiece screw on the 2213/2313 ALU stock (not Precise)
Allows the quick adjustment of cheekpiece height on that stock

Buttplate clamp is for the 4765 buttplate (only)
Allows the quick adjustment of the 4765 buttplate on its vertical column

The two options have different screw lengths, so are not interchangeable

People who bought this item also bought:

1. TEC-HRO Touch

Anschutz action screws for Precise 1918 / 2018 / 2213 stocks

A pair of orginal Anschutz bolts
Suitable for round actions fitted into either the Precise 1918 or the older ALU 2213 stock
Note, washers are no longer included with the bolts (they're just standard washers, available anywhere)

Anschutz Action Screws

Anschutz Action Screws

Price: 10.00

Length required

We have a very small quantity of these in stock
Usually priced at £25+ each
Genuine Anschutz bolts
Three lengths available - 26mm, 28mm, 66mm (not including head or washers)
The 26mm and 28mm have washers (removeable if you were tidy with a small file)
The threaded section is approx 10mm, so you could shorten each by 5mm if required

Anschutz Precise Trigger Guard

Precise trigger blade protection
Suitable for air rifles and smallbore rifles
Note, the the photo shows two rail fittings.
Only one is included and only one is required

Anschutz Precise Elevation Block

Precise fore-end block - same rounded profile as the Precise stock
Adjustable height, up to 7mm extra adjustment
Adds depth to the modern aluminium stocks which have very shallow fore-ends
Some people find it easier to attain an better position in prone, most use for kneeling
Provides easier position in kneeling with the extra depth
Will fit all stocks with standard accessory rail, has its own rail underneath for your handstop etc
NOTE: this is now black, not silver as shown

Anschutz Spare Grip for Precise Stock

Anschutz Spare Grip for Precise Stock

Price: 215.00

Please select size

Spare grip for the Precise stock
Available in two sizes

Anschutz ONE Walnut Grip
Anschutz ONE Walnut Grip - view 1Anschutz ONE Walnut Grip - view 2

Anschutz ONE Walnut Grip

Price: 195.00


Walnut grip, oiled finish
The new grip shape with scalloped inner side enables the shooter to hold the rifle even closer to the body in the shooting position.
Fits all Anschutz ONE stocks and Precise AIR stocks
Can be fitted to Anschutz Precise smallbore stock with the adaptor below

Anschutz ONE Grip Adaptor

Adaptor to allow the fitting of the ONE grip above to the Anschutz Precise smallbore stock

Morini Grip Moulding Paste

Morini Grip Moulding Paste

Size required

Easy to shape grip paste from Morini
The most popular grip paste on the market
Complete with hardener
Suitable for customising rifle and pistol grips
Instructions included

Anschutz Aluminium Stock Bedding Pad 001969

Felt bedding pad for the Anschutz ALU and Precise stock