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Training Log for Shooters
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This book is a useful tool for those who want to take it to the next level
It helps you create structure, whether you have much or little time for exercise
The book is date independent, meaning you can start the diary when ever you want
It also means you can take breaks and continue where you left off.

The book challenges your mindset and will make you reflect on your training and competitions
It will keep you busy with work and remind you of what to practice

Keep track of what to train, why and how

Start recording your training from day one

Contains 52 weekly reports and 12 monthly statistics

Contains dedicated pages to build motivation in your workouts

Own section of statistics and results pages that summarize your history and progress
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Master Competitive Pistol Shooting

An update of the long since sold out classic book Pistol Shooting, by Ragnar Skanåker, Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion.
Skanåker provides in depth knowledge of pistol shooting techniques and gives training tips for both beginners and elite athletes.
Focusing on the ISSF shooting events like Free Pistol, Air Pistol, Rapid Fire, Standard and Center Fire, the book also touches on other popular events.
he chapter on basic and specific physical fitness training for pistol shooters is often overlooked, but a key component to higher scores.
At the end the book dives into the mental aspects of shooting and coping with competitions, as well as characteristics and winning attitudes of master pistol shooters.

Hardback book, 184 pages full color pictures and illustrations.
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A Shot at History 2 - Abhinav Bindra

This revised and updated edition tells Bindra's story from his beginning to his very last Olympic Games in Rio 2016.
My Obsessive Journey to Olympic Gold and Beyond
The story of a man who fought valiantly to make his own history.
Abhinav Bindra is India's first and only individual Olympic gold medallist and also the first Indian to win a World Championship.

Olympic Pistol Shooting

National and international Top-Athletes in pictures; plus comprehensive studio shots of, olympic champions and world champions.
With contributions from national coaches as well as other prominent coaches and shooters.
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MEC The Psyche of the Shot

In decisive moments, it's our psyche that tips the balance.

Whether you achieve your goal or not is dependent on your
thoughts and feelings, and on your behavior most of all.

This book is a guide to how you can systematically prepare for
tournaments and other stressful moments
It contains 1,000 pictures, 200 exercises& a 6-week training plan on the techniques of psychological regulation.
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ISSF Manual for Juries and Range Officers

ISSF Manual for Juries and Range Officers

Price: 5.00

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Ring bound, with a plastic cover
Useful for event oganisers as well as jury and range officers

Ways of the Rifle 2009

Complete smallbore reference guide
Prone standing & kneeling covered in depth
Sighting, aiming, equipment all covered
Every single aspect of smallbore shooting explained in great detail
Easy to understand
Suitable for beginner and pro alike
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Air Rifle Training - New Edition

By Heinz Reinkemeier, Gaby Bühlmann and Maik Eckhardt
English translation
Many of the techniques siutable for smallbore shooters too, not just air rifle
Covers all aspectes of rifle shooting

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Mental Training in Shooting

Mental Training in Shooting

Price: 27.00

Mental training and mental skills for shooters and trainers
Learn about mental techniques
Overlooked by a lot of shooters
Get your average up by consistent mental state

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