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Anschutz Precise

Anschutz Precise

Price: 460.00


The side and height adjustment occurs on the same side which is a big advantage in prone shooting because the shooter need not change the grip but can stay in position

Compact construction offers an unobstructed view over the sight for a better observation of wind flags
High-precision base body crafted from hardened rust-free stainless steel.
Body made from high-grade and light aluminum
Unique rail clamp will fit all dovetails from 10mm to 14mm, so fitting most match rifles

Unique and versatile adjustment possibilities.
Slip-proof turning knobs with easy access.
24 click adjustment corresponds to 0.2 mm shift at 10 m distance, 1.0 mm at 50m

Note: body colour may vary between blue and black, depending on what Anschutz have in production at time of order

Extra 5 mm height adjustment by turning of the optical base 180°
Sight can be offset 4.5 mm to the side by simply displacing the fixing clamp
For use left or right handed