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Smallbore Rifles

Anschutz BR50/1913 Benchrest Rifle

Anschutz BR50/1913 Benchrest Rifle

Price: 1,995.00

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Small bore model 1913 "Benchrest" BR-50:
ANSCHÜTZ especially developed this model for the discipline of "Benchrest".

Barreled action:
Improvement of the famous barreled action Match 54.
Individually adjustable match trigger 5018.
Extremely short locktime.
Extremely smooth bolt operation.

Approx weight 4.7kg

Cylindrical match barrel with a barrel length of 690 mm, manufactured by special ANSCHÜTZ process.

Non-stained stock with wide, flat forend, especially developed for benchrest shooting.

Delivered with:
Screw driver, instruction leaflet with test target.

Item No.: 011762