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SE Tray 3
SE Tray 3 - view 1SE Tray 3 - view 2SE Tray 3 - view 3

SE Tray 3

Price: 140.00

Hand rest made from aluminum
Pleasant feeling by plastic inlay
With scaled T-slot for handstop
Length 200 mm
Extremely flat layout (10 mm)
Width adjustable 46 mm to 54 mm

Anschutz Palm Rest 4852/1

Fits on your standard accessory rail
Does NOT have a rail section underneath
Adds 38mm height
Walnut, with black stained finish
175mm long

Anschutz Palm Rest 4856

Fits on your standard accessory rail
Full length accessory rail underneath
Adds 22mm or 32mm height when fitted without/with the silver spacer shown (supplied)
175mm long

Esprit Carabine Rest
Esprit Carabine Rest - view 1Esprit Carabine Rest - view 2

Esprit Carabine Rest

Price: 375.00

Adjustable in every way possible, in infinite movements
Extremely stable
Highest quality materials
Made in France
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1. ahg Anschutz Accessory Case 295

Gehmann Grip Pad 497A

With rubber grip
A tactile double-sided square pad used to aid kneeling position

ahg Anschutz Flex 9795
ahg Anschutz Flex 9795 - view 1ahg Anschutz Flex 9795 - view 2ahg Anschutz Flex 9795 - view 3

Well tried and tested, re-designed and upgraded.
We have re-designed and technically upgraded our ahg palm rest FLEX
Four joints allow any possible adjustment.
Can be turned 360 degrees so that the profiled rubber layered rest or the round edged plastic layered side can be used.
This plastic layered block can be removed easily by loosening the 2 screws it is fixed with.
You may replace this plastic block with an individual designed layer of your choice and fasten it with the threads already available on the rest.
The premium milled palm rest made from high-grade steel and anodized alu will fit all UIT rails and is mounted in no time at all. All adjustments can be fixed with the supplied hex key.

TEC-HRO Lift 2.0

TEC-HRO Lift 2.0

Price: 140.00

Allows you to adjust the height of your foreend so that the tension can be fine-tuned
The Lift can be placed anywhere along your rail, and is variable in height and can be rotated, with a comfortable round profile
There is an accessory rail underneath for your handstop
Also for use in standing position

TEC-HRO Lift 3.0
TEC-HRO Lift 3.0 - view 1TEC-HRO Lift 3.0 - view 2

TEC-HRO Lift 3.0

Price: 160.00

Compact design only 15mm high
Variable height adjustable from 15 to 40mm
Adjustable sideways and along pivotally
With rail for attaching handstop
length: 195mm
weight: 265g
From 2017 onwards, the front of the air rifle may be outgoing from the center of the barrel 120mm high instead of only 90mm up to now!

Centra Champion Adjustable Hand Rest

A very adjustable hand rest from Centra.
Adjustable in all axis
Wooden shelf

TEC-HRO Integral Hand Rest
TEC-HRO Integral Hand Rest - view 1TEC-HRO Integral Hand Rest - view 2TEC-HRO Integral Hand Rest - view 3

Three-dimensional adjustable hand-rest
Compact construction - only 35mm high
Adjustable height from 35mm > 60 mm
With separate Distance Kit (not included) more height possible
Also moves laterally towards and away from the shooter
The shelf is cantable and an be angles longtitudinally
Comfortable in the palm or on the fist!!
High-end German manufacturing
Lightweight construction

Mouche Leather Roll

Mouche Leather Roll

Price: 38.00

Select size

Made from durable soft grain leather
Carry handle on one side
Zip closure

ahg Anschutz Top Grip 372

Top Grip
No marks due to zippers in the front end
Robust hanger for easy use.
High quality material
No filler included

MEC Achilles
MEC Achilles - view 1MEC Achilles - view 2

MEC Achilles

Price: 68.00

Kneeling roll of exceptional quality
Grip material round the outside rim of the roll
Foam lined for extra comfort
No filler included

ahg Anschutz Roll 361C

High quality kneeling roll
**Filler included**
No marking of trousers, zip on end
Robust hanger for storage