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ahg Anschutz - Fuse Megalight Top

ahg Anschutz - Fuse Megalight Top

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Anschutz are now stocking the German FUSE baselayers, great as a base layer to your shooting top, or as a stand-alone shooting top under your jacket

3-D knitting technology surrounds the body without creating a feeling of being cramped
Cooling in summer - warming in winter.

Moisture management provides the possibility to keep the body temperature at a normal level for best possible performance even under utmost stress

Seamless construction largely avoids seams as the material is knitted endlessly
The elasticity of the fibre is preserved, the fit is perfect and like a second skin

The FUSE underwear has to be worn directly on the skin (first layer) in order to fullfill its intended function

The shooting jacket can be worn directly on the FUSE underwear.

Shooters who prefer more volume can put on a shooting vest additionally, without exceeding the limits of regulations.

The FUSE KEEPS FRESH Technology operates antibacterial and odorless by means of high quality metallic salts and thus prevents unpleasant odors. Thanks to its double layered honeycomb design the FUSE is most comfortable to wear
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