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Walther Anatomic Stock - Anschutz Round Action

Walther Anatomic Stock - Anschutz Round Action

Price: 1,600.00

Grip Size


A laminated wood frame holds the action in a non-permanent mounting and so ensures an optimum fit.
Incorporating all the advantages of a traditional wooden stock.

Has all the adjustability of the modern metal stocks and features a very comfortable rounded fore-end

Buttplate - can be shortened and lengthened in position, can be offset and canted on the carrier, can be inclined on the carrier
Cheekpiece - Height can be adjusted in position, can be adjusted laterally (either angled or straight) and longitudinally and also rotated around the longitudinal axis to ensure the perfect position
Grip - adjustable in all axis due to a ball joint fixing, the position of the grip can be moved in the longitudinal direction, sideways and in its height

Easy accessibility of the adjustment options are particularly noteworthy

To be equally serviceable for both shorter and very tall users, the stock has a short basic length and a low basic weight

Ships with laminated palm shelf, MEC Free Position buttplate is optional