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Torque Screwdriver

Torque Screwdriver

Price: 95.00

Some shooters (us included) find it easier to torque their action bolts with a screwdriver, rather than a wrench
Using a wrench can cause some knurling of your bedding screws if not used carefully, especially if using long hex keys
We have tested several torque screwdrivers and found this one to be the most accurate and reliable
The long thin neck allows you to access deep seated bolts, e.g. in wooden stocks

Adjusts from 2-10Nm
Robust construction with easy-to read window for precise torque setting.
Includes popular sized bits and adaptor, the hex bits supplied are M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6
Textured, contoured handle for added grip and comfort
Supplied in robust storage case

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