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Handstop Attachments

If you are looking for attachments to attach your sling to your handstop, these can be found in

Rifle Fittings > Handstop Attachments

ahg Anschutz Quick Release Sling Strap 339

Replaces the current sling strap on your jacket
Can be fitted to most jackets with a buckle type attachment for the sling strap
Has unique quick release mechanism - you just pull the silver button to release the sling
Your sling will need two punched holes 15mm apart (centre to centre) to attach the clip side of the mechanism
Most slings will already have punched holes along their length, if not you can punch holes
Clip simply screws on, can be removed again if required
Also allows rotation of the sling releasing any tension on a twisted sling
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Anschutz Sling Hook 336

Hook for keeping your sling at a constant height
Suitable for all slings.
Can be used on jackets with sling loop or epaulettes on shoulder
Can also be sewn to jacket
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Freeland Sling Keeper

This 1.5" aluminum sling keeper comes with a heavy duty stainless steel "slipper".
It provides quick and easy adjustment securing the sling to your arm exactly where you want it to go.
Will fit all standard 40mm ISSF slings
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MEC / Centra Sling Connect - Jacket Attachment

Strap to allow better fitting of the Centra sling
Works with the regular MEC sling and the Startline version
Allows better fixing of the sling and rotation against the hook
Easily clip the sling into the attachment and remove if required
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Clutch for MEC / Centra Sling

This is the screw in handstop attachment that is supplied on the end of the MEC / Centra sling.
To fit you must take it apart, and care must be taken when you remove the main screw to ensure you don't lose any of the tiny ball bearings held in by the main screw. We cannot supply spare ball bearings!

Spare Band for MEC / Centra Sling

Spare Band for MEC / Centra Sling

Band required:

Spare band for the above sling
Does not fit the Startline model
Clutch handstop attachment not included, band only
You can select between a leather strap, or the synthetic strap as suppled originally on the sling

AKAH Logic Belt Connect

For connecting the AKAH Logic Belt to all jackets