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Grunig & Elmiger Hybrid 3000 Carbon Fibre Stock

Grunig & Elmiger Hybrid 3000 Carbon Fibre Stock

Price: 3,200.00

Please select butt length:

Grip size:

Equalier weight set required

Directly fit Bleiker and G&E actions
Anschutz round actions can be fitted using the Anschutz adaptor

No buttplate included

**Please note there are better photos on the Grunig wesbite, we will update here when Grunig supply better photos**

We utilize the properties of aluminium and carbon and thereby form a solid connection between the two materials
Clever arrangement of the carbon fibers allows us to optimize the properties for target shooting
The extraordinary mechanical properties such as high strength and flexibility guarantee a pleasant shooting experience
Our Hybrid 3000 features the following advantages:
- no thermal expansion
- optimized vibration behavior
- flexible despite high stiffness
- warp resistant
- impact resistant
- strength higher than steel
- pleasant touch sensation in cold and warm conditions
- ideal balance
- top design
- the aluminium core allows technical adaptations
- ergonomic shape