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Intershoot Standard Bipod Rest

Standard bipod, screws on and off
Solid metal legs, metal rail clamp and screw, plastic feet
Fits all standard rails
Great quality for this price

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ahg Anschutz Free Folding Bipod

Conforms to ISSF rules
No vibration thanks to spring technique
Safe deposition of the rifle before, during and after competition.
Small total weight of only 95 g
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ahg Anschutz Precise Folding Bipod

Precision made, lightweight folding bipod
A spring loaded button opens and closes each leg with a smooth action
Legs can be locked open, or locked closed
Quickly fitted to the accessory rail and removed if required
Milled from solid aluminium
Only 108g!
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System Gemini Folding Bipod

System Gemini Folding Bipod

Price: 80.00

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Still machined from aluminium alloy
30% lighter in weight
Less moving parts than its competitors
Unique sturdy design
Sprung loaded self locking legs
Will not vibrate under normal shooting conditions (no wobble!)
Folds flat against the stock for easy storage in a gun slip or case
Fits the standard Anschutz style accessory rail
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Centra Folding Bipod

Excellent folding bipod from Centra
Alloy construction
Lightweight but sturdy
Buttons to keep locked/open
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