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In this section we're going to list a few special offers or discounts

The offers are subject to change at any time

Some items will be clearance prices or discontinuted items so very limited stock

**SALE** ahg Anschutz Standard 160

**SALE** ahg Anschutz Standard 160

Price: 75.00

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Reduced from £150, only available in sizes shown.

Excellent club jacket from Anschutz
Straps for tensioning the shoulder in prone

ahg Anschutz Size Chart - CLICK HERE

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**SALE** Gehmann Boots 481

**SALE** Gehmann Boots 481

Price: 40.00

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RRP £130
Great boot for juniors or beginners
Heavy suede outers in deep blue and light grey
Front lacing with twin velcro heel fastening
Gives absolute secure fitting
Anatomical footbed

**SALE** Sauer Effect - Made in Germany

**SALE** Sauer Effect - Made in Germany

Price: 180.00

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Reduced from £380 (limited sizes)

Sauer's Effect shooting jacket is reasonably priced yet still bears the hallmark Made in Germany
Offers the same customary good fit as the Advantage
Double canvas and features non-slip patches on the elbows
We are only stocking this jacket for right handed men, in selected sizes

Size chart on

**Do not order without referring to the chart**

**SALE** Mouche Espania Jacket  - Made in Germany
**SALE** Mouche Espania Jacket  - Made in Germany - view 1**SALE** Mouche Espania Jacket  - Made in Germany - view 2**SALE** Mouche Espania Jacket  - Made in Germany - view 3
**SALE** Mouche Espania Jacket  - Made in Germany - view 4**SALE** Mouche Espania Jacket  - Made in Germany - view 5 

**SALE** Mouche Espania Jacket - Made in Germany

Price: 100.00

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Reduced from £220 (only sizes shown are available)

Particularly hard-wearing
Stiff double canvas for stability in the back!
Padded anti-slip - pads on the elbows and without padding on the shoulders for a better contact feel
Front sleeve parts of synthetic suede, so comfortable to wear
The mounting position of the elbow in standing made from non-slip synthetic suede
As with all Mouche jackets, a particularly good fit
Impossible to find this quality elsewhere - MADE IN GERMANY!
Buttons can easily adjust to the size of the individual

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**SALE** Mouche Body Cool Leggings

**SALE** Mouche Body Cool Leggings

Price: 20.00

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Reduced from £65

The Body Cool underwear regulates your body temperature in all conditions
Designed to provide a supremely close fit to the body in all shooting positions, with minimum folds
The material used is extremely comfortable, yet grips the shooting trousers very well
Used for decades in high level competition

Colour = plain black